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Expert consultant advice to
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We can assist business clients and individuals when responding to access to information requests for documents related to their business, under the control of a government institution. 

If your information constitutes trade secrets, confidential information provided in confidence to a government institution or information which could reasonably be expected to be prejudicial to you or your corporation if released, you must be able to express your point of view.   


This is also the case if representations are sought from you and you want to protect the privacy of your employees or have another legitimate interest covered by an exemption under the Access to Information Act.  Whether under section 27 or subsection  35 (2) of the Access to Information Act, writing accurate and precise representations is the key to ensuring government officials understand your position and protect your information from disclosure.

Save time

Save time

Unfortunately, time frames to provide representations are very short, particularly in the case of section 27 representations which must be provided within 20 days after a notice is delivered.  To ensure effective representations in due time, you should seek professional assistance. If you fail to convince government officials and fail to communicate your point of view in an efficient manner, your sole remedy to protect your information will be to file a costly Application for Review in Federal Court under section 44 of the Access to Information Act

...and money

...and money

Requiring the assistance of ATIP PROS promptly will save you time and money as we can make the best of your arguments.  We will also provide you with an unbiased opinion and advise you if we think your information or part thereof does not qualify for exemption. Consequently, you will be in a position to make the best-informed decision on how to proceed.  If you have received a request for representations under section 27 or 35 of the Access to Information Act and wish to retain our services, you should contact us upon receipt of the consultation notice as we may not be able to assist you if the period allowed for representations is almost over. 

We can:

  1. Review your documents which are subject to an access to information Act request to provide you independent advice
  2. Take knowledge of your argument for refusing access to your information
  3. Provide an independent assessment of the situation
  4. Assist you in presenting the best possible arguments
  5. Potentially prevent you from having to file costly Court Application

ATIP PROS is a private consulting corporation specialized in providing consultation services concerning requests formulated under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

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