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Who is
it for?

Our training sessions are for any ATIP officials from federal Government institutions. Each session is individually tailored to your needs.   We can provide basic training for new employees or in-depth sessions for senior ATIP officials.   These sessions are designed to help government institutions comply with their obligations pursuant to Section 7.2 of the Interim Directive on the Administration of the Access to Information Act and 4.1.2 of the Directive on Personal Information Requests and Correction of Personal Information.  

What training is available?

We can provide basic training on the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act as well as in-depth training on the exemptions and exclusions found under these laws.  These sessions also discuss important principles found in ATIP legislation, such as the purposes of the ATIA and the PA, the duty to assist, the revision powers of the Federal Court (ss. 49 or 50 of the ATIA, 48 or 49 of the PA, the exercise of discretion, the burden and the standard of proof as well as the severance process (Section 25 of the ATIA)

We can:

  1. Provide general training for new ATIP officers or Office of Primary Interest officers
  2. Provide general training on exemptions and exclusions
  3. Provide in depth training for ATIP officers on exemptions and exclusions
  4. Provide tailored training suited for your needs

Training performance review

If you wish, we can provide a concrete assessment of our training, which you may select from two methods:

Participant satisfaction and reaction

The most basic assessment of our training measures participants’ level of satisfaction. We can hand out a survey at the end of the course to see how participants reacted to the training. We can also send out an electronic survey to measure satisfaction rates with our training courses.  To that end, we can measure satisfaction for subjects such as:

Did your staff enjoy the training?

Did the training increase their level of competence?

Do they feel it was an appropriate use of their time?

Do they think the material was relevant to their work?

How likely would they be to recommend the course to colleagues?


The second method of assessment is knowledge acquisition.  A valid and reliable examination following training can help determine whether the content was understood. It allows identifying which learners did well and further supporting participants who did not acquire the skills expected. Furthermore, it can point out trends in areas that may require further training or additional coaching.

We find that participants take training more seriously when they know they will be required to demonstrate what they have learned after the training. If you prefer, an examination can be sent to participants within a week of training. We then grade their answers and share the results with the responsible authority.  Due to privacy issues, we do not keep any copies of the results.  These must be archived by government institutions under personal information bank PSE 905. 

The results we provide contain detailed information to address any wrong answers and the reasons why the response was considered invalid.  If you wish, and if required, we can also provide one-on-one feedback to learners.


ATIP PROS is a private consulting corporation specialized in providing consultation services concerning requests formulated under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

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